Youtube Audio Player

Play all of YouTube as audio from your phone, with your screen off

Download APK - 1.1.3



This app let's you access the entire YouTube library of videos, and play the audio from these videos on your device as if they were music. This means that you can lock your device and the audio will still be playing, and music controls will show up on your lock screen for the music to be controlled. You can also download video audio for offline play.

Access the entire YouTube library

Youtube Audio Player allows you to access the entire YouTube library in your country/region, and play the audio of these videos as music.

Play videos as music

Youtube Audio Player plays any YouTube video as if it were music. You can play videos with your screen off to conserve battery, just like regular music. It also offers control over the sequencing videos are played, including shuffle, loop, and playthrough modes. As well, Youtube Audio Player creates a music control notification, so the audio can be controlled outside of the app or with native headphone control buttons.

Download videos

Download the audio of any video on YouTube for offline play within the Youtube Audio Player app.

Play with your screen off

Turn off your screen while playing the audio to save battery.

No Ads

The app includes no advertisements whatsoever.